Find your Data FAST

ProcFu Data Syncs, the Dig option allows you to filter and search through your Podio App Data at super speed.

Main Features:

If you are not the administrator of your account, please contact your manager to get this feature.

Although the Dig feature is not suitable for all apps, we all have those monster apps that we need to query often. For those apps, Dig is a pleasure to use.

Easy to implement:

  1. If you don’t already have one, get a ProcFu account
  2. Add a MySQL database to your ProcFu account (we recommend Digital Ocean)
  3. Create a Data Sync for the app you want to Dig into in ProcFu (under the navigation Menu -> Data Syncs)
  4. Enable the “Menu” option for the sync

For comments and discussions, please join us in the ProcFu workspace in Podio.