Podio Super Menu

SuperMenu of your favourite Podio Workspaces & Apps

This extension converts the Podio logo when logged in into a supermenu of all your favourite Workspaces and Apps

  • Choose which Workspaces to show on the SuperMenu
  • Set ShortCut Keys (1-9) for mouseless access to your most used Workspaces or Apps
  • Choose which Apps to show for each Workspace
  • Define Background and Text colours for each Workspace

Podio UI Hacks

Per-Workspace and per-App settings allow you to:

  • Change the background colour in Podio
  • Make the current App name stand out more
  • Auto-Expand App description
  • Add a Button to your GlobiFlow account
  • Auto-Refresh the Page every x Seconds
  • Add a Button to Edit any Podio View as a SpreadSheet:
  • Overload Podio's multi-line text fields to show images inline ( using markdown like ![](http://imageurl) ), and create clickable checkboxes ( using [ ] and [x] ):

Easy Install

Install the Podio SuperMenu in 3 Quick & Easy Steps:

  1. Install the Podio SuperMenu Chrome Extension.
  2. Configure your Menu
  3. Activate the SuperMenu by clicking on the Podio logo.