Podio Super Menu

Podio SuperMenu Readme

Main Concepts


The Podio SuperMenu extension for Chrome can be found in the Chrome Store. Install it like any other Chrome Extension.

Once installed, you can open the menu by clicking on the Podio logo when in Podio.

Configure the Menu

To determine what show up on the menu, configure it on this website from the Menu option. You can select which workspaces and apps will show on the menu, as well as determine their colors in the menu by clicking on the cog icon next to each workspace.

Once done, click on the "Update" option in the menu in Podio.


You can set global options by clicking on the SuperMenu icon in the Chrome toolbar

You can set per-app options in each app by clicking on the new cog icon in the app view in Podio:

Sidebar Widgets

You can insert any Podio App report into the App sidebar by clicking on the new "Add to Sidebar" icon:

The selected widgets will then be loaded into the app sidebar in the main app view:

Please note that widgets are selected by name, so make sure you have unique names for each app report.


If you select the markdown option in any app, then all multi-line text fields will support markdown images and checkboxes.

Checkboxes in the format [ ] and [x] will be converted to real clickable checkboxes:

For markdown images, the format is ![](url), eg: ![](http://google.com/logo.png)

Rich Text

If you enable the SuperMenu Rich Text editor option in any app (or globally), you'll see the option to use our editor on any multi-line text field:

Clicking on the "Edit with SuperMenu" link will launch our editor which allows you have more control over the content. For example, you can paste in images, and create tables.

When saving, this content will be displayed in Podio, including images.

Images pasted into the editor will be saved to the item's files, however, if you have a hidden image field in the app, then images will be stored there instead, keeping your items nice and clean.

Note: Rich Text editing only works on existing Podio items - not when creating a new item.

For more editor-specific help, click here.

SpreadSheet Edit

If you enable the Sheet option in any app (or globally), then a "Sheet" button will be displayed with those apps:

And clicking on the "Sheet" button, will launch a new window allowing you to edit the entire app view as a spreadsheet:

Note that deleting rows is currently not supported, but creating new rows and copy and paste is.

Sketching / Drawing

Especially handy on mobile devices, sketching allows you to hand draw quick diagrams to a Podio App Item Image Field. To add the feature to an app, click on the Tools menu option when logged into bettersupermenu.com and select the app and field to install to. This will create a new calculation field in the app which will launch the sketch editor when clicked in any device.

Item Activity Stream

You will find 2 new icons on the top of the activity stream for each item to increase/decrease the width of the column, and to hide/unhide the column altogether:

Keyboard Shortcuts

You can configure quick access keys for keys 1 - 9 to take you to a specific page in Podio. 0 is reserved and will always take you to your home activity stream.

To configure your shortcuts go to the Shortcuts page on this website .

Iframe Embeds

You can embed iframes in Podio by adding a page locator to the url. This can be done in link fields, and in markdown anywhere markdown is supported (eg widgets and calculation fields).

The format of the locator is: #globiflowiframe or #globiflowiframe:height, where height can be a number in pixels, or auto for full page height.

For example, [link to podio](http://www.podio.com#globiflowiframe:400) in a comment will yield the following result:

Native Code Side-loading

Using the above syntax for iframes, you can also inject HTML code directly into the Podio DOM using the height of "native".

For example, a calculation field that renders [native html](https://mydomain.com/script.php#globiflowiframe:native) will result in any html and javascript returned by the script https://mydomain.com/script.php to be placed in that field's content position, and any JavaScript will be executed. Use with care please.